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A unified platform to optimize planning and maintenance of transportation infrastructure

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Sund & Bælt Bjarne Jørgensen


At this year's 25th ITS World Congress in Copenhagen was the exclusive release of 360° TBM. Over the last year, specialists across various sectors, including infrastructure, asset management and transportation, have come together to create a new practice for planning and undertaking infrastructure maintenance in volatile and changing environments.

As project initiator, Sund & Bælt has been the key driver behind the development of the 360° TBM solution and has delivered expert input from maintenance projects. Through close collaboration with KPMG, CN3 and IBM, the project has combined technical skills, operational knowledge and decision management experience into a visual data-driven decision management tool that enables multiple stakeholders across the value chain to collaborate.


Sund & Bælt's experience from a strong portfolio of infrastructure assets across Denmark has been a continuous benchmark throughout the development of the platform, where the implementation of 360° TBM is estimated to generate a decrease in capital investments of 40% and a decrease in operational costs of 10% within 5 years.




A single integrated platform, bringing your asset and budget data to life.



The 360° TBM is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates a dynamic budgeting tool, a world-class Enterprise Asset Management system and a digital twin environment. This is a unique combination. Data from across organizational silos are collected, managed and presented in a coherent and intuitive way, providing a complete and current overview of your physical assets, throughout the asset lifecycle.

 Being able to make informed decisions increases transparency and precision in operations and budget management, leading to closer cooperation between different stakeholders of the infrastructure.

On the 360° TBM platform, the digital twin brings the physical asset into a virtual environment, where operations and maintenance efforts can be intelligently streamlined, and repair-or-replace decisions made based on fully updated asset information based on inspection and maintenance data as well as real-time sensor data.


The dynamic budgeting model allows asset managers to simulate investment scenarios and the subsequent impact on the organisation's tactical goals and strategic objectives.


The 360° TBM solution facilitates data-driven asset management, fulfilling everyday operational needs and enabling long-term strategic decision-making. It helps you maximise value in asset-intensive organisations.


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Dynamic Budgeting Model



The Dynamic Budgeting Model is an integrated component of the 360° TBM platform and displays the impact of numerous scenarios based on parameters within budget, risks,  cost, valuation and execution. This enables data-driven decision-making and efficient budget management where investment scenarios can be explored in a short- and long-term perspective. The integration of Enterprise Asset Management enables the monitoring and planning of strategic objectives.


KPMG has more than 25 years of experience with asset management projects across the world in various sectors and has established a pioneering knowledge to empower organisations with accurate, tangible, understandable and auditable models in various asset decision-making domains. Competent management of physical assets is at the core of good financial and operational oversight for asset-intensive organisations. Furthermore, it plays an important role in generating financial and operating reports that are more accurate.




Our vision is a one-stop platform where all infrastructure maintenance and investments information is collected, analysed, distributed and presented. Combining technical and financial elements of asset management creates clear guidelines for operational and strategic priorities and decisions across complex organisations.  


Three value drivers have guided the scope and development of this platform:


A single unifying platform 

Data-driven decision-making

Cross-sectional correlation


Firstly, the integration of strategic, tactical and operational tools in a unifying platform ensures a seamless experience and access to relevant information anytime, anywhere. Secondly, a data-driven approach to tackling asset challenges and complexity will allow management to base decisions on a wide range of modelled scenarios and financial, technical and operational asset information. Lastly, combining cross-sectional will correlate the relationship between various assets, stakeholders and objectives – effectively removing horizontal and vertical silos.




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