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Pilot Project
H.C. Andersens Blvd., Copenhagen


A showcase of 360° TBM in one of Denmark's most trafficated roads, crossing through the heart of the capitol.  


Pilot Project

H.C. Andersens Boulevard, Copenhagen

Pilot Project – H. C. Andersens Boulevard

The partner group gathered to build the new asset management model consists of KPMG, CN3, IBM and Sund & Bælt. The partner group brings forth decades of experience in asset management, high tech and expert knowledge of assets, advanced models for analysis, budgeting and visualization of maintenance and an infrastructure allowing all elements to be updated in real time across the whole platform. Furthermore, Copenhagen Municipality and HOFOR have contributed by delivering data to the infrastructure surrounding H. C. Andersens Boulevard.


Early 2018, Sund & Bælt established a partner-group for building an innovative asset management solution, that would include the newest technology and help bring the asset management strategies into practice. A huge challenge for Sund & Bælt has been to bring more transparency into the company, as to how strategic decisions from top management impacts staff in operations and maintenance.


Transparency in strategy and operation

Transparency involves not only the ability to 'see' the whole value chain but also understand the impact strategic and political decisions have on a project. Whether it is a shift in materials, political priorities or budget changes, being able to visualize the influence it brings, makes the impact on asset management tangible.


Visualization of work environment

Preparation of specific maintenance work has proved highly valuable to Sund & Bælt, as most transport infrastructure has limited accessibility, due to traffic. Therefore, another element of the project was to enable better preparation for maintenance work. Stopping traffic is costly for the travellers but also for the owners of the infrastructure. Being able to visualize the work environment prior to entering the field enables the workers to create a more accurate work order, bring the right equipment and take precautions for subterranean obstacles.


Collaboration between stakeholders

Lastly, Sund & Bælt wanted a solution that provides the possibility for better collaboration between infrastructure owners, as coordination of maintenance was often too static in environments where changes occur daily. Therefore, the model enables different infrastructure stakeholders to plan work according to each other's maintenance strategies, thereby avoiding redundant work. The H. C. Andersens Boulevard pilot takes into account both road and sewer assets when planning maintenance.

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